Employer Services


401(k) plans are complicated and messy and we simplify them for you. By creating a personalized service model tailored to your needs, and the needs of your participants, we take the complexity out of administering a plan and better prepare your participants for retirement.

Whether you're looking to enhance your current plan or completely change providers, we can help. By tailoring our comprehensive service model to your needs, and the needs of your participants, we provide you with a 401(k) plan that is compliant and easy to administer.


Our 401(k) Service Model is Built Around 5 Key Elements:



Simplicity is not about the absence of something, but the understanding of it. Our profound understanding of how the retirement industry works, from TPA's, to Recordkeeper's, to fiduciary services and how they all work together, has resulted in the most meticulous and invigorating 401(k) plan management you can find. By adding a dedicated team of caring specialists managing every aspect from participant interactions to vender issues, your plan becomes the epitome of simplicity and practically runs itself.



Understanding that consistency is essential to a compliant plan is key. Internal controls built into our service model provide the structure needed for your plan to achieve a level of performance that is consistent and most importantly, compliant. The level of access and oversite we acquire as the advisors on a plan, allows us to give the extra attention your plan and participants need.



There is no finish line when it comes to reliability, but there is when preparing for retirement. Our efforts to continually improve the performance of your plan will never cease. The success of your participant's ability to retire comfortably demands the most reliable service we can deliver. By actively working with your participants and the service providers on the plan, your employees receive the most reliable retirement plan service.



Plan sponsors face 401(k) risk on two fronts. First, the risk of a security breach on plan data and second, fiduciary risk associated with the liability of offering a plan. We help you tackle both fronts with a managed plan that will ensure the safety of your information.  



It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. This couldn't be truer when reviewing plan fees and costs. Our 20+ years in the 401(k) industry has given our advisors the insight and ability to negotiating the best possible plan pricing without sacrificing valuable services.


Your plan may use elements from each of these, or just a few. The situation is fluid. Our service will evolve as your plan evolves, but the underlying structure and support you and your participants receive will remain constant. That's real 401(k) plan management.


Participant Engagement

Retirement planning and education should be comprehensive, individually focused and unique to each participant's needs and aspirations. That is why we encourage participants to schedule one-on-one meetings with us. We believe a much broader, more comprehensive approach to a participant's life, livelihood, needs and goals is important in achieving their retirement goals. By getting a participant's focus on the right track, their financial behavior soon follows. People love talking about retirement, but not retirement planning. It is our job to make the process less onerous and more engaging by structuring conversations around pursuing the participant's retirement goals, not merely on reaching a certain savings target.